• Twin Cities Kids Club: The Club That’s Not A Club At All

    Posted on November 14, 2016 by Cribsters in Crib Notes.

    A really cool club for kidsParents, please forgive me for what I’m about to say, and just know I say it with love and a little bit of trembling. Sit down for this.  Put down the coffee because we all know that stuff is gold and that there is serious crying over spilled coffee. Remember you love your children.  Think back to the day they were born and how perfect they smelled. Are you there? Okay, now take a deep breath.  Ok. Are you ready?

     “Winter is coming.” 

    I know.  It’s ok, cry it out for a second.  Scream into that pillow.  Don’t show fear; they sense it.

    Now- pull yourself together because this winter, this winter isn’t going to be like last winter.  No, oh no.  This winter is going to be awesome. This winter, you’re going to be a step ahead of the, “I’m bored” plea’s, and you’re going to kick cabin fever in it’s rear end. Oh yeah.  This winter you have your secret weapon.  This winter you don’t have to search high and low for activities, nor do you have to dip into the Christmas fund just to afford it.  Nope, this winter you’re the boss Mom (or Dad) of all things fun with discounts and even some freebies.  Oh yeah, I said freebies.  Are you excited yet?  Has the panic settled?  Do I have your attention?  Great. 

    SO, what exactly is this secret weapon I speak so highly of?  Well, remember back to last November when we mentioned ways to get kids involved in STEM?  Well, in that article we brought up a few places you can take your kids and kind of left it at that.  However, one of the programs impressed us because, oh my gosh, it’s one of those gifts to yourself (or your entire Mom tribe) that keeps giving. Especially in winter. 

    I present- Twin Cities Kids Club.  No no, that the kind of club where you have to be at a certain place at a certain time, and not the kind of club where you are all committed.  This isn’t that kind of club. It’s especially not the kind of club where there’s any work on your end. No homework and no practicing anything.  Yeah, you could probably just stare at your Facebook and wonder how the heck the Mom down the street made her pancakes look like pandas. I mean really. Who does that?  I digress. 

    This secret weapon, this club- is not a club at all.  It’s almost like Groupon, and the entire city of Minneapolis joined forces just for the Moms and Dads during winter. It’s like someone read our minds and saw our meds increase with every winter and they took pity on us.  This club- this club gets you discounts (and even freebies) to all the latest and greatest kid activities in the city.  Yeah.  I’m not talking a dollar off here and there; I’m talking significant discounts and a lot of times, total freebies.

    Horseback Riding Lessons?  Discounted.

    Paintball?  Discounted. 

    New movies at the theater?  Discounted.

    Ice Skating?  Discounted.

    Museums? Discounted.

    Special events, like Santa’s train ride? FREE

    Behind the scenes at Pizza Parlors? Oh yeah baby, FREE.

    New activities all the time?  You bet. 

    Here’s the thing.  All the thinking is done, you don’t need to do any of that.  Once you’re a member, you have access to 50 percent discounts and again- freebies! Freebies parents!

    So put down the TV remote.  Stop making the kids get along by threatening to take away Minecraft.  Because that’s just punishment for you, and that’s not fair.  Pack a lunch, some snacks- and get exploring all while saving a ton of money.  Seriously.  We’ve been so impressed by this club and the discounts they continually offer, that we wanted to share it with you one more time.

    Run, don’t walk, to the laptop.  Sign up.  Tell your friends so you can do things together, and for the love tell your kids so you can use it as bribery too (hey now, we all do it so let’s just be real). 

    Now go families, learn all the things, have all the fun, and don’t fear winter anymore.


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