• The Top 5 Things I’ve Learned From My Baby’s First Cold

    Posted on May 18, 2013 by Stephens Family Daycare in Crib Notes, Daycare, Health.

    Welcome to daycare…here is your daughter’s first cold. It will last about a month and then, when you finally think it’s gone, she’ll pick up something else. And so will you.

    I knew our baby would get sick from being in daycare, I just didn’t think it would happen so soon. April was in daycare for all of four days before she woke up congested. Now, a month later, she either has the same cold or a new one, and guess what? So do I! I would tell you the top 5 ways to fight your child’s cold, but obviously we haven’t figured that part out yet, this has been more of what you call a learning experience. So here is what I have learned:

    (1) Your baby would rather have you take her rectal temperature than have you clean her nose.
    Seriously. I had purchased a NoseFrida a few months ago, not because I needed it, but because other moms seemed to love it. I had already used it a few times and was nonplussed and then I realized that you don’t really need one until YOU REALLY NEED ONE. Every time I use it on April, she screams like I’m ripping off one of her limbs but she’s totally fine with me taking her temperature the unholy way.

    (2) What you consider a fever and what the doctors consider a fever don’t jive.
    April had a temperature of 99.9 degrees and that was enough to scare me. To the doctor, that is nothing, don’t bother calling unless your baby has a fever of 100.4 degrees or more.

    (3) There is nothing you can give your baby to feel better except children’s Tylenol.
    And I haven’t even tried that because, as I mentioned above, she did not technically have a fever.

    (4) You can keep your baby in daycare if they don’t have a fever.
    Which is probably why this feverless cold keeps being passed back and forth at the daycare.

    (5) Your baby will give her cold to everyone and their mother.
    Babies spread love and germs. It’s not their fault – the problem is they are too darn cute and you always want to kiss them. So you pay for it.

    I feel terrible that we put our daughter in daycare and she got sick, but apparently it’s something I am going to have to get used to. The good news is that all of the ailments April picks up at daycare will help build up her immune system. Hopefully these germs will make her stronger in the long run.

    What's happening on the other end of the snot sucker is just as upsetting.

    What’s happening on the other end of the snot sucker is just as upsetting.

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  1. Jessica says:

    Hey ladies, new here and have older children (5 yr old twins) and found that they have those big bulb syringes at the drug store. They are like the colossal snot suckers you get at the hospital. I feel like I get part of their brain every time I use it hahahaha! Saline too is the best for the boogies. A mom also told me about the powdered Culterelle packets you can get at the grocery they are probiotics you put in yogurt and they work great for warding off germs!

    • Noa says:

      Hahah, well from the way my baby acts when I am sucking out her snot, you would think I am getting some of her brain in there. I hadn’t heard of the Culturelle packets but will definitely give those a shot considering this cold has been going on two months now! Thank you!

  2. Michelle says:

    After three plus years of being a mom, I just learned rule #1! That applies to temple thermometors too. My baby would rather have a glass tube up his butt than to have a metal dot held to his temple for 7 seconds.

    And I know that Pediatrician’s lack of concern for fevers is meant to make me as a mom feel better, but it just infuriates me.

    • Noa says:

      Ha that is good to know! I almost spent $50 on a temple thermometer but John was too worried that, if I had one, I would be taking April’s temperature ALL THE TIME. And he is probably right.

  3. Rachel says:

    Thanks Cribsters for this post… We are expecting in Aug and really appreciate learning all the pro’s and con’s of daycare which is something we plan on doing. As new parents there is so much to learn.


    • Kathryn says:

      This is so true!! Our daughter has been in daycare since 6 months (she is now 10.5 months) and I think she has had a cold or something for more than half of that time. Oh – and that also means We get those colds too. The NoseFrida has been a lifesaver for us..but it is not pretty. But I guess it is better for her to go through this now and build her immunity. Thanks so much for this post!

      • Noa says:

        The NoseFrida is not pretty, at all. And it takes two people to get it done. I find that the amount of gross things I do has multiplied 1,000-fold since I became a mom.

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