• Tips for Taking Your Kids to Their First Concert

    Posted on October 22, 2018 by Cribsters in Crib Notes.

    You may be a regular concert-goer or prefer to enjoy live music every now and again. Whatever the occasion, if you’ve got kids it’s likely you’ll be leaving them with a babysitter to start with. However, there will eventually come a time when they’re old enough to tag along, or they may make a special request of their own. There are a number of reasons why you might want to take your kids to a music concert, but there are some things you should consider before you take your kids along.

    Do Some Research

    Before buying your tickets from an agent, make sure you do your homework. Is the concert being held on a school night? Is there an opening act that will mean the headliner starts playing much later? Plan how you’re going to get to the venue and check whether there will be parking nearby if you decide to drive. What about the facilities at the stadium? Working out where the bathrooms are located may save you precious time.

    Booking the Tickets

    Do you know the artist you want to see? If you’re not certain, visit a ticket sale site and you’ll be able to see all the concerts happening in your area and much further afield. If you get the opportunity to pick your seats, choose wisely. Buy seats near the aisle or exit so you can come and go easily. Alternatively, you might want to pick elevated seats as they will give you a better view of the action.

    Be Prepared

    It’s going to be a live music concert so be prepared for it to be loud. So loud that it will be advisable to use earplugs. Being in an arena full of screaming fans will be like nothing they’ve ever experienced before. It also makes sense to use earplugs to protect your kids’ ears. Attending just one concert without wearing the right protection could potentially cause lasting damage to their ears.

    You expect to have to pay big bucks for concert memorabilia, but do you really want to be paying top dollar for a box of popcorn? Bring your own snacks, if the venue allows it, and make sure there’s enough for everyone. You’ll be able to find out what you’re allowed to bring to an event by visiting the official website.

    Dress everyone in bright or matching colors so that you can see each other in the crowd. Include glow necklaces, bracelets, and headbands.

    Emergency Plan

    Of course, you’re going to hope it doesn’t happen, but you do need to be prepared if you get separated. Decide on a location your kids will be able to find if they get lost, and make sure they have a note of your name, cell number, seat, and section number. Even if they’ve got a mobile phone, you may struggle to hear each other with all the background noise.
    With these tips firmly in your mind, it’s time to go ahead and buy your tickets. Once the first concert is under your belt, you’ll soon be making more arrangements.

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