• Stock Your Nursery Without Going Broke for Baby

    Posted on November 13, 2018 by Cribsters in Crib Notes.

    A new baby means a lot of major life changes. One of the most dramatic is the financial impact that your new family member will have on your budget. Most expectant parents start shopping during the pregnancy for the supplies the baby will need as it grows through its first year. Even with generous friends and family members and a successful baby shower, the cost of getting all the supplies you need for a newborn can be quite staggering. Thankfully, there are certain shopping techniques you can employ that can drastically reduce the cost of expanding your family.

    Some Items Are Fine to Purchase Used

    There are some things you should just buy new. These include car seats, mattresses, bedclothes, plush toys, breast pumps, and food for the infant, such as formula. There are safety concerns associated with used car seats, while other items could have contamination that could impact your home and your baby’s health. Many other items, such as a bassinet, a pack-and-play, a high chair, or a stroller could be purchased used without any safety concerns.  

    Online classified ads, Facebook groups, and even your local newspaper can all be great resources for local people selling used baby gear. Make sure that you test anything you purchased for stability and clean everything before it enters your home. Buying items used can help you save a lot of money off of the retail cost for some of the biggest expenses associated with an infant in the home.

    Watch for Sales and Prioritize Quality over Brand

    For items that you can’t or don’t want to purchase used, there are still strategies that can help you save money. You should absolutely watch for big sales at local retail outlets and major websites, such as Amazon. Purchasing items during a sale or with a substantial discount can help you get the new items your baby requires without destroying your budget. In many cases, you can get wonderful infant supplies for lower-cost by choosing in-store brands or other small labels. Big name brands aren’t always necessary when purchasing supplies for your children.

    Shopping for a new baby is a great way to manage nesting impulses during your pregnancy. It also helps spread out the financial impact of expanding your family. Taking a smart approach to obtaining the must-have items for your next baby can make shopping for your infant fun and less financially stressful.

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