Sittercity vs Care: A Decision Guide For Parents On The Fence

the decision guide

SitterCity or Care? Tips for Choosing the Best Sitter Site

Sittercity or Care? These days, for busy parents like us, it’s a question that we will likely all eventually have to grapple with. We all value safety as our primary concern. I, for one, certainly want my sitter to have a background check. But there are also other relevant considerations beyond just safety.

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Both are great services when it comes to finding a sitter, and both are widely trusted by parents and families alike. The only way to determine a winner is to break down what matters most to parents.

A Summary Of Both Care And Sittercity


SitterCity is America’s largest online sitter service. There are tons of them out there, but SitterCity has a massive network, which means more sitters to choose from when you’re in a bind. From college students to teachers, there are a ton of qualified sitters on this platform.

With thousands of registered users and services ranging from babysitters to petsitters, it’s a tried-and-true option that our family relies on all the time. According to their website, a family is connected with a new sitter every 4 seconds. Not bad.

​CARE is another reliable and fast-growing sitter finding platform. Founded by a single mom with a knack for thinking outside the box, this company has quickly become a world-wide babysitting tool with over 20 million sitters to choose from.

They have a huge range of options, including senior care and housekeepers, making it a comprehensive service for all the help a family could need.

It's a great option for families that travel or use housekeeping services. 

I asked some of my friends and family members with kids to find out the top 3 responses to one simple question:

What are your biggest concerns when choosing a babysitter search service?

The winning categories were pretty much unanimous. If you're a parent, you can probably already get the top 3:

  • Safety
  • Quality of Sitters
  • Cost of Service

We evaluated how SitterCity and Care stacked up in each of the 3 categories, and this is what we found. 

The Most Important Factors to Consider When Choosing a Babysitting Platform:

1. Legitimacy, Background Checking, and Overall Safety

Safety is always a parent’s number one concern, and it’s often an umbrella term for the extensive list of worries a parent might have. Is my child going to be safe? Should I hide my jewelry? Are they going to take the job seriously?

Fortunately, there’s no need to worry. Both platforms allow you to search and interview a great deal of babysitters.


SitterCity offers background checks through a high-quality third-party service, Sterling Talent Solutions.

They also offer a variety of badges to describe the kind of background check your sitter has done. This makes it easy to spot which sitter meets your safety requirements, whether that means a simple background check or a full-scale driving history evaluation. You can learn more about what their background checks cover and what each badge means online. 

​Their Trust and Safety Center makes it easy to identify and avoid the most common problems on the platform.


Care is widely considered a safe and effective sitter-finding platform. Unfortunately, they recently removed their background checking features.

Now, sitters on Care can choose to acquire a background check of their own, which still works if you want to search for thoroughly safe and qualified sitters.

The problem? Different background checks can yield different results. Not having a standardized system may make it easy for scammers to falsify documents. Be careful, and visit the Safety Center for more tips if you decide to use the platform. 

Here are just a few of the SitterCity safety badges and what they mean:

Background check badges for SitterCity babysitters and nannies.

P.S. We wrote up a little something about SitterCity scams, to help clear up the myths and set the record straight. If you have any concerns about its legitimacy, it’ll probably help you make safer choices on SitterCity, Care, and beyond. 

Because of their background checks and badges,​ SitterCity undoubtedly wins this category. 

2. Quality Control & Search Features

Aside from background checking, each of the 2 offer a variety of the most important search options. They have excellent keyword searchability that helps you discover just about any kind of sitter. Whether you want a tri-lingual babysitter with daily availability or a CPR certified lifeguard who can teach your kids to swim, you can create comprehensive searches to help you discover just what you’re looking for.


SitterCity’s main focus is child care, pet care, and senior care. They lack a housekeeping specialty per-se, though they do have a housework option you can select in your job post. Overall, it’s lot easier to discover sitters with special skills and experience. We’ve talked about SitterCity being more user-friendly before, and there’s no denying that it still holds true. We screen-capped some snapshots of their search features below. 


Not only can you find the perfect babysitter, pet sitter, or senior care specialist, but you can discover an affordable housekeeper as well.

It seems like they have more categories designed to help you with all of the things you need to run a tight ship on an even tighter schedule.

Discovering all of the professionals you need to help run your home from a single platform is definitely a plus.

Search sitters by languages, age, and more.
Extra categories for finding better sitters
Refine your search to find experienced sitters in your area.

SitterCity and Care tie in this round, because they both offer a broad range of home-care services. While Care allows you to search for housekeepers and other kinds of care providers, SitterCity offers a more thorough searchability, featuring filters like languages spoken and special needs experience.

3. Cost of Service

Another tie. In fact, these two services both cost the same per month if you’re looking at their standard price point.

No matter which service you choose, remember to carefully consider what matters most for you and your family. None of us are the same, and every babysitter has some unique shoes to fill– make sure you have the opportunity to choose the right one.

Having trouble making the right choice? Learn more about my experience with SitterCity to find out if it’s right for you, too.

Happy hunting!