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    Posted on September 2, 2013 by Stephens Family Daycare in Contributor, Crib Notes, Parenting.

    The Healthy HenWe are delighted to welcome Heather of The Healthy Hen to our Cribsters Contributor series. Heather is a Mama Hen to three little chicks and a wife to the one and only Mr. Rooster. She has always been interested in health, nutrition and fitness, so much so that she studied it in college and earned a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science. You can find Heather’s encouraging words on how to live well on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

    Remember those those pre-conceived notions you had of how you would raise children? Here Heather shares her parenting faux pas.

    The Day I Gave Her Coke

    Ah pre-kid ideas on parenting. Aren’t they so lovely! Please, please, please, I beg of you, if you do not have kids…DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, THINK TO YOURSELF, AND DEFINITELY DON’T SAY OUT LOUD…”NOT MY KID!” Spare yourself the slice of humble pie.

    I think it is safe to say that today I have reached the pinnacle of parenting my kids the way I used to judge people for parenting their kids. You know that saying “Judge not lest ye be judged.” Well, I am going to go ahead and change that to “Judge not lest ye end up doing the very things you were judging!”

    This weekend, during a 2 hour drive to the cabin. I poured COKE, in a sippy cup, and gave it to my 18-month-old!!! And to make it worse, that was after her nutritious dinner of french fries! If that doesn’t seem so bad to you, thank you, you are doing a great job! But for me, I might as well have been pregnant and smoking!

    Look at that face…wouldn’t you give her a little sip of coke?!

    Healthy Hen

    I just shook my head and started laughing. I mean this was it. Coke in a sippy cup. I remember thinking how awful those parents were who gave their kids fast food. It was nothing short of child abuse. French fries as their only vegetable and coke in their sippy cup! Not my kid!

    Here are some of my other not-so-shining pre-kid, or first kid, parenting faux pas.

    1) Let’s say you are with some good friends and their 3-year-old is taking pictures too close to your 8 month old’s face. You politely ask him to stop. And then to your absolute horror he….does it again! Do not grab the camera out of his hands and say to the 3-YEAR-OLD, IN FRONT OF HIS PARENTS, “In my house, I only say stop once!” I mean. Really. Heather. Really! How on earth my friends did not burst out laughing in my face I will never know!

    2) Thinking to myself, and sometimes talking about with others, that people who don’t have their kids on a eat, wake, sleep cycle are inferior and no wonder their kids don’t sleep through the night! BLECH!! Don’t forget that this was PRE-KID!! Someone slap me!

    3) Making my mom a chart, literally, of the EXACT times (I mean 12:36), my first born INFANT needed to be WOKEN UP to be fed. Is there such thing as Shaken Parent Syndrome? If not, someone really should have taken me by the shoulders and given a good shake!

    4) People who count to three are living in a “child run home”. If you don’t know what that phrase means, lucky you! I remember the first time I, without even thinking, held my finger up and said “1!” I even stopped myself and thought “I am the worst parent ever! I can’t believe my kid is disobeying and I can’t believe I just starting counting to three!” hehehehe…I mean. Come on! Spoiler alert… Now I make it all the way to three (and sometimes three and a half!)

    5) Rolling my eyes at families with kids who are going crazy at the grocery or restaurant. I mean, some of us are trying to eat here (or shop) can you please leave your food and come back another time! It’s not like you have anything else going on, you are a stay at home mom.

    Poor little guy…lost his bucket. Wait let me get a pic of your sad face before I comfort you!

    Healthy Hen

    Coke in the sippy was my last straw! If you want to breastfeed your kid until they have braces…go ahead, more power to you! If you decide not to nurse at all and go straight for the formula, that is just fine! If you co-sleep with your whole family, good for you, you must really save on heating! If you use a leash for your kids at the zoo, I understand! If your toddler is screaming at the store, church or anywhere in public and you just ignore them and keep walking, you are in good company. I put coke in my daughter’s sippy cup, you won’t be getting any flack from me!

    Recently my brother, who is expecting his first, said to me “Is threatening the only way to get your kids to obey?” I smile at you. I am sure your little one will jump at your every command, but for some bizarre reason unbeknownst to you, she doesn’t come the first time you call, I promise to not laugh…but I probably will…the first time you finally succumb to threatening as a form of obedience bribery.

    These little stinkers…I just love ‘em so much!

    Healthy Hen

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