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    Posted on July 10, 2014 by Stephens Family Daycare in Crib Notes, Products, Raffles.

    I never really gave much thought to what products I put on my body until I was pregnant, nursing and then nursing and pregnant (surprise!) all at once. With my first pregnancy, I searched high and low for beauty products that are “good” for you, tested a number of items and ended up with not much.

    This pregnancy, I’ve been pinning a lot of DIY beauty on Pinterest, but when it comes to actually making these products, who has the time? Energy? Or vats of cocoa butter? Plus, I am a sucker for packaging and I just can’t get that excited about applying products straight from a Rubbermaid bowl. Luckily for me, a friend recently introduced me to Raw Terre – an all natural skin care line that is paraben/gluten/chemical and filler-free, not to mention non-GMO, vegan and raw. So raw, in fact, that the package arrived at my house with ice packs, and each product has an expiration date.

    All Natural Skin Care Giveaway

    With my first pregnancy, I gained a very sexy 50 pounds which came off within nine months, only to become pregnant again one month later. I have no idea how my body will withstand this sort of rollercoaster but so far Raw Terre’s Belly Balm is doing its part by helping me prevent stretch marks. It’s a solid, spongey balm that melts on your skin when you apply it and smells good enough to eat, which I am pretty sure you can safely do based on looking at the ingredients list (think jasmine and lightly scented orange blossoms). The fact that it is a balm rather than a cream, means that it is highly concentrated and a little bit goes a long way in covering my ginormous belly – not to mention that, 24 hours later, my belly still feels soft and silky. Perhaps it’s time to take a shower…

    My first pregnancy ended in the dead of winter, so I was very concerned with moisturizing my skin. This time around I am expecting a summer baby, and the fact that it is hot as @$&^! outside makes me want to sit in a tub of ice cubes. I will do anything to feel refreshed. Enter Raw Terre’s Revive! Hydrating & Balancing Face Mist. It’s refreshing and lightly scented, similar to the Belly Balm, and it just feels good. Now if only this mist could take down the swelling of my face and the spreading of my nose.

    Onto the the best part…the GIVEAWAY! We have partnered with Raw Terre to bring you any TWO PRODUCTS OF YOUR CHOICE (value is up to $150 MSRP). Enter using the form below. Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter follows are OPTIONAL choices to earn extra entries.

    These products were provided to me for free by Raw Terre in exchange for a review – the opinions are all my own.

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  1. Michelle says:

    so funny. I did the DIY stuff and while it feels great, I know what is in it and it works, I do like the packaging. I hope I WIN!!

  2. Jennifer says:

    Love this giveaway! I’m always looking for new natural products!

  3. the says:

    I love DIY beauty recipes too.

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