• Help! My Kids Are Stuck on Band-Aids

    Posted on September 18, 2013 by Noa in Contributor, Crib Notes, Parenting.

    Janine HuldieOur latest Cribsters Contributor, Janine of Confessions of a Mommyaholic, shares her struggles as the mother of two children with a severe band-aid addiction. Janine was a certified professional teacher, who now happens to be a wife and mother, and is currently a stay at home mom to her two beautiful, yet energetic little girls. Sometimes life can get crazy and hectic, but still she tries to keep things in perspective by doing all she can to make the day hopefully a little brighter. You can follow Janine’s confessions on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Blog Lovin‘.

    Band-Aids Are Like Crack For Kids

    Band-aids are like crack for kids, especially mine. Seriously, before my husband and I had kids I might have bought one box of band-aids for my husband and myself. Just as we were celebrating our third wedding anniversary, we had our first baby, a little girl named Emma.

    Bandaids Are Like Crack For KidsNow three years later and having added one more baby to the mix as well in the form of our second daughter, Lily, we have bought countless boxes of band-aids. If you have kids, you may just be able to follow this post. My kids don’t need to have any sign of an injury and still feel the need to take a band-aid and put it on themselves just for kicks.

    A few months ago, my girls were sitting on the floor together and had somehow managed to liberate or get their hands on a box of Dora the Explorer Band-Aids we had in our house.

    Well by the time they were done, the floor looked like a band-aid factory had exploded right there. They had taken every band-aid out and had opened all the wrappers and were putting them all over themselves. I swear I couldn’t make this scene up if I tried and it was horrific. When asked what they were doing, I was told by Emma, “We have boo boos!” Seriously no one has that many boo boos, but apparently they believed they did and needed to secure as many band-aids as possible for said boo boos!

    In the end, not one band-aid survived to tell the tale of these two little girls’ carnage. And this was just one incident. On a daily basis, I lose count of how many times I am asked for a band-aid. I am sure they love the fact that these band-aids do have their favorite characters, such as Dora (stated earlier), Barbie, Hello Kitty, Disney Princess, Tinker Bell, Mickey Mouse, The Muppets – I could go on all day with the different character band-aids I have bought for them to use.

    Band-aid addiction

    Going crazy over band-aids!

    In the last month alone, I have gone through countless boxes of band-aids. In recent times, the addiction has now been for Barbie, Tinker Bell and Princess. I recently forgot to buy another box for them, when we were out shopping. So, I had to go back out to buy a box, because this was just not going to sit well with them at all.

    Even on a daily basis at nap time, Lily cannot take a nap without telling me that she has “a boo boo” and she needs a band-aid for said boo boo! I oblige, but she can’t just have any band-aid, it has to be whatever Princess character she is feeling an affinity for that day. One day it could be Cinderella and the next it could be Belle the Beast (as she calls Belle from Beauty and the Beast). Heaven forbid she gets the wrong one. Then, we find out just how displeased Lily is!


    “Mommy, can I smoke these?”

    Even today, we were at my husband’s parents, Lily needed a band-aid for her imaginary boo boo. We went into Grandma’s bathroom, but she only had Angry Birds and was told this was not good enough for my princess. So no band-aids were actually had because of this snafu.

    Now having written this here, it may be my fault for their habit or addiction for band-aids by having enabled them. In the end, I guess I am what you call a band-aid enabler and should probably stop doing this. I wonder if there is a 12-step program to recover from this addiction, because my girls would surely qualify! Although maybe I should just buy Angry Bird band-aids, because Lily definitely won’t even go near them!

    And it looks like these kids may qualify too for a band-aid addiction:

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  1. Emma says:

    Which would be fine if they would be satisfied with the cheap Band-aids, but, no, they have to have the characters on them! lol. Great post. My 4-year-old does the same thing. The little girl I used to live next door to would cover herself in band-aids, and then people would walk by the yard and say, “Oh, you poor thing, what happened?” 🙂

    • Janine says:

      Thanks Emma for sharing and when we went to the doctor recently they asked my 3 year if she had a boo boo and we had to tell him that she didn’t just had a bit of an obsession with bandaids. So, my kids are totally addicted and then some!! 🙂

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