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    Posted on March 20, 2017 by Cribsters in Crib Notes.

    For a child, home is a sanctuary where they can play, relax and spend time with their parents and siblings. It’s a place where their growth and learning is kindled and fostered and where they receive love, comfort, and care. Home is where they gain the ability to explore, understand and experience the world around them which proves vital for the proper development of their bodies and minds. But above all this, it is an environment where a child needs to feel secure and protected. 


    It’s true that some accidents are bound to happen as they grow, where your child might suffer minor bruises and cuts while satisfying their curiosity to discover new things. And that is completely fine. It issue arises when the injuries are more serious and most often than not highly preventable. Most parents and caregivers are satisfied with the childproofing efforts they have undertaken for their homes but it’s very likely that something or the other gets missed out. Did you know that one of the top reasons children under 3 visit the E.R. is for home injuries? So it would definitely be wise to prepare for the worst.  You can carry out a few preemptive steps to childproof your house and thus ensure that your child is safe from unwanted dangers.


    Unsupervised around water

    Children love splashing around in the water during bath time and play time too. But be aware that water can be a potential hazard. Per the government agency poolsafely.gov it’s possible that a child can drown in less than an inch of water, which means pools, bathtubs, even buckets, and sinks can prove a cause of great danger. For this reason, you should never let your child be unsupervised near water, even for a few seconds. Because in those few seconds, he or she could drown. Precautions like fenced in pools standard in high end apartment complexes like those for residents with bad credit offered by anchor your assets for no credit check apartments when it comes to bathing be cautious and make it a point to leave bath- time for when you are free and not multitasking.



    Keep away from chemicals and other cleaning gear

    From garden fertilizers, detergent and chemicals to deodorant, hairspray, nail polish and a host of other items, these seemingly harmless household products can prove a potentially hazardous to kids if they swallow or play with it. Use cabinet guards in places where you store such items. Also to avoid confusion, make sure you don’t keep them in places where you usually store food items. Toiletries, makeup, cleaning products and the like, shouldn’t be in places where your kid can easily grasp them.


    Uncluttered sleeping areas

    One of the principal causes of accidental injury-related death is suffocation and a large percentage of these cases take place in the sleeping area of the baby. Items like stuffed animals, comforters and pillows are liable to accidently cover the nose and mouth of your baby leaving him or her unable to breathe. So leave your baby’s sleep environment are as bare as possible and tuck blankets and comforters securely to prevent any problems.


    Shield from electric outlets and wires

    Children are curious and tend to play with everything they see, even the electric outlets and live wires in the house. To prevent them from getting an electric shock make sure you childproof all electrical sockets in your home with plastic covers. Mend or get rid of any broken appliances or electric items. Try and inculcate dos and don’ts about electricity from an early age.

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