• In Case You Missed It… This Week’s Best Reads From Around The Web

    Posted on October 3, 2014 by Darcy in Crib Notes.

    There were some great stories around the Internet this week. We have selected a small sample of our favorites for your weekend reading pleasure:


    Differing Discipline: Do you struggle finding a happy medium with your spouse when it comes to parenting? If one of you is the softie, and one of you is the disciplinarian, check out this great blog post about one couple coming to terms with just that, and doing their best to find a middle ground.

    Technology and Parenting:  We’re finding ourselves in ever murkier waters as parents to a generation of children that will grow up waaaaayyyy more technologically savvy than we are. An interesting article discussing how we are truly the last generation of people who grew up with a low-tech childhood, and the challenges we face raising the first high-tech generation.

    Speaking of technology, have you ever thought when faced with many of life’s daily challenges, there must be an app for that! Guess what, you’re right! A run down of 10 apps that may make parenting and life just a little bit easier.

    Marriage and Children: Nowadays there is so much pressure on mothers and fathers to be perfect parents. But what does this notion of perfect parenting do to marriage? A really good read on how our quest for perfect parenting has led to child-centric marriages that disintegrate when said children are grown. Leave the kids at home and go out for some date nights, Moms and Dads!

    This One Is for the Stay-At-Home-Parents: How have I never thought of this before? Is staying at home with your kids a luxury for you… or your spouse? Working parents, can you imagine not having to spend your weekends running all the errands and doing all the household chores that you can’t do during the work week? We think we could all use a Stay-At-Home-Spouse.

    Happy weekend and happy reading from your friends at Cribsters!




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