• How to Deal with Holiday Stress

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    holiday stressWe are thrilled to introduce Cribsters’ resident psychotherapist Cary Bosak, LCSW-R. Cary, a mother of two with experience running new mother’s groups, has a private practice in New York with locations in NYC and Mt. Kisco. She has a broad range of experience and utilizes her training in psychodynamic work, and her belief in a mind and body connection, to best meet her clients’ needs. Cary specializes in eating and body image issues, trauma, and post-partum/adjustment to parenting. For more information, please contact Cary at cbosaklcsw@gmail.com or (347) 276-3448. Read on for Cary’s tips on how to make your holiday season even brighter!

    Parenting, Self-Care and the Holidays

    Many people find that the holiday season can bring on more stress than other times of year. As a parent, that stress is magnified. It is particularly important during this season to tune into and listen to oneself to identify what triggers your own unique stress. Whether it’s family dynamics, travel, traditions around food and holidays, social situations, parenting advice, or something else completely – remind yourself that you have the tools to cope. Thinking about these coping mechanisms before going into the events can help you navigate the challenges when they arise.

    holiday stress

    In order to prepare yourself for these events, you should ask yourself:

    • What do I need to function as a parent and a person? (Sleep? Space? Moments of quiet? Bad TV shows?)
    • How can I coordinate travel sleep situations? This should include nap schedules for all of the kids (and you!) as well as room arrangements.
    • How can I create space for my family and myself during this day or trip? Can your little family unit take a walk, go to a park, go out for a meal etc.?
    • Can you excuse yourself from a stressful situation orcomment to care for your little one privately, or take a walk to “calm” them down, or even take a moment for yourself?
    • Am I providing myself with enough support? Who can I reach out to as a support?
    • And finally, what are the issues that I can let slide? Have your non-negotiables and the things you can handle being different for a day/night/couple days. Making this decision in advance will allow you to find happiness in the wonderful moments this season may bring to you and your family, and work with the challenges that come as well.

    There are always small moments that can be created to care for yourself and your family, and you can survive a feeling even if it seems intolerable because feelings and moments change. Be present and you will move through the challenge.

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