• Grow Your Bond With Singing Lessons

    Posted on January 14, 2015 by Stephens Family Daycare in Parenting.

    It’s a new year. I’m sure you’ve already made your resolutions, but I’m just going to make a suggestion: make a resolution to try something completely new this year. Find an activity you can all enjoy as a family. I’m going to suggest you all take up singing lessons.

    Your first thought is probably “Ugh, I can’t sing.” But did you know everyone can learn how to sing? We all have the same vocal cords, so we can all learn how to sing. It’s not impossible for anyone with a voice. It just takes a bit of dedication.

    Still skeptical? I promise you won’t be once you finish reading my list of pros.

    Singing Lessons

    Spend Time With Your Kids

    I may have mentioned before that I take classes with my kids. I love our quality time together. I realize getting to know my children on an individual basis and watching them grow helps me to grow as a parent. It also helps me get closer to my children.

    Taking singing lessons with your kids can be an easy way for you to spend time together. Your children already know if you can sing or not. That’s less embarrassment for you to suffer through. But it also gives you something to take home together.

    Think about it. You’ll not only be instructed with your child, you’ll also help them practice when you get home. You’ll get to laugh and be silly with them. Try out different voices so you can have fun together. You can also teach them how to focus. And, since children pick up on things much quicker than adults, your child could very well wind up teaching you something.

    Gain Confidence

    Singing involves proper posture, diction and breathing. This means you have to stand and carry yourself a certain way when you sing. This automatically equates to more confidence as a person.

    Don’t believe me? Ask any dancer or performer: proper posture gives you confidence. Performing in front of other people requires a certain type of confidence. We’re not saying turn your child into the next American Idol but having a skill in the performing arts will give your child confidence. They’ll be able to branch out from what they usually know and explore an entirely new world. They’ll learn to fit in. They may even learn to love it. You probably will too.

    Explore Other Cultures

    Singing will help to develop a love for music. A love for music allows you to branch out into other types of music, and therefore other cultures.

    Music is the window into every culture. Your child may find that they not only enjoy singing a certain type of music, they enjoy listening to it too. You probably won’t wind up having a seven-year-old who loves opera, but you will have a child who is much more open-minded and accepting to new things and new experiences.

    Watching Your Child Shine

    Remember that feeling you had when you found out you were really good at something? Not only were you good at it, you enjoyed it immensely. It’s something you can retreat to, something no one can take from you.

    Imagine watching your child discover that same feeling. It’s possible that they may not like singing lessons, but it’s more than likely that they will. After all, children love to express themselves. Singing is a great way to do that.

    Watching your kid belt out a favorite song is enough to warm any parent’s heart. And if you can do a duet with them, that’s even better. Singing lessons can create cherished memories if you pursue them and take them seriously.

    If you’re still skeptical, you can always sign your child up for home or in-studio singing lessons for kids. Accompany them to the first few lessons. You don’t really have to do anything but encourage them. That’s a great enough reward for both of you.

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