• How the Government Shutdown is Affecting Child Care

    Posted on October 9, 2013 by John in Crib Notes, Working Parents.

    Most child care providers are run privately, either by a company or by individuals. However, there are thousands of federally run child care providers that are part of the Head Start programs. We have over four thousand listings for head start programs on Cribsters, including this one which was recently reviewed (only two stars). And of course there are many more which we have yet to add. Unfortunately, the people that work there are exactly the type of ‘non-essential’ government employees which have been sent home while the politicians in Washington resolve their differences.

    government shutdown

    Furlough is the magic word. It means ‘paid vacation’ in Urdu.

    The good news is that while these employees are not going to be able to report into work, the congress has already approved back-pay for them once the shutdown is resolved. This means that they’re going to be paid during days which the would have worked while the government is shut down. Maybe I should be looking for a job in government, huh? I’d definitely see the shutdown in a different light if I was on paid vacation.

    Here is some common sense advice from the Cribsters team about what to do if your child care provider is unavailable – whether its because of the shutdown or any other reason.

    1. Team Up – If your child care provider is out of commission, all of the other parents that use them are going to affected too. Contact them about what they’re doing to find other options. Maybe you can borrow some ideas or try to find someone to provide child care for a group of kids instead of just yours. It will be cheaper!
    2. Hire Your Providers – Again – Now’s your chance to ask your favorite staff member at your child care provider to watch your child outside of your normal routine. At our daycare, many of the employees have let us know that they are available for baby-sitting and nanny work on the side. If they are out of work because of the shutdown, it’s fairly likely that they’d be glad to get some extra work.

    Has your child care situation been impacted by the shutdown? Tell us about it in the comments section.

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  1. Noa says:

    It looks like the federally funded head start program has a couple of guardian angels looking out for it. It has received a donation of up to $10 million from Laura and John Arnold – two wealthy philanthropists. Head start workers might be upset that their paid vacation is getting cancelled, but that saves countless parents from a big headache. I wonder how long the money will last though.

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