• RAFFLE: The Mother of All Goody Bags

    Posted on June 11, 2013 by Stephens Family Daycare in Crib Notes, Raffles.

    Goooooddddyyyy baaaaaaaaaaags! I LOVE GOODY BAGS. I wish I could throw all the contents of all the goody bags I have collected over the years in a vault and swim through them like Scrooge McDuck. Once I spent $50 on eBay to buy a goody bag that was handed out during the Oprah Show. Something about the element of surprise in each bag really gets me excited, even if it’s total crap.

    Recently I had the pleasure of attending the Big City Moms Biggest Baby Shower in NYC. Now this, my friends, is a goody bag. I have no idea how anyone who was actually pregnant at the event, which was pretty much everyone, carried this thing home. Well actually I do, there were Flatrate Movers there to help attendees carry these monstrosities out of the building. I’m not lying, that’s how big these goody bags are.

    And what do I love to do most with goody bags, besides drool on them in excitement? I like to give them to my friends. Which is where you all come in… Over the next 30 days, anyone who leaves a daycare or pre-school review or comments on a blog post on Cribsters.com will be entered into a raffle to win this goody bag.

    Goody Bag

    This goody bag is FO REAL.

    The picture above can’t properly capture the amazingness that is this goody bag so here are the highlights:

    • BECO Soleil Baby Carrier System
    • Marpac Zohne AND Dohm White Noise Machines (one is portable!)
    • Skip Hop Hug & Hide Lamb Stroller Toy
    • Fisher-Price SwaddleCinch Blanket
    • Tiny Love Chloe Cow Toy
    • Bottles, pacifiers, diapers and more!

    The estimated retail value of this goody bag is over $350!

    We will ask that the winner allow us to post a short bio and a photo of them – just so that everyone knows this is legit – so your entry into the raffle will serve as acceptance of this request. Happy posting!

    Raffle entries will be accepted beginning at 9:00pm EST on 6/12/2013 and ending at 9:00pm EST 7/12/2013. One entry per person.

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