• First Day of Daycare – Guess Who Cried More?

    Posted on April 12, 2013 by Stephens Family Daycare in Crib Notes, Daycare, Parenting.

    Back to work today…those first sleepless nights when your baby arrives pass so slowly, and then you blink and it’s three months later. Coincidentally we are ready to launch this site just as our own Cribster starts daycare.

    Deciding whether to go back to work or not is a personal choice, usually financial but not always. I know it’s what’s best for me and my family and that daycare will be really good for our daughter, and, who knew, me too! So last night I showered, cried and put together my bag for work, woke up early today, cried and finished preparing food for daycare, fed my daughter and then dragged myself crying to the train. I had three goals for today: 1) make it to work, 2) figure out how to pump at work and 3) make it home in time to spend an hour with my baby.

    Goal 1 was easy enough. I had forgotten how much I disliked commuting but it’s good exercise and I still have some pregnancy weight to lose. Plus it was 79 degrees today.

    Goal 2 was a bit more stressful. I am lucky that I work at a company that provides working mothers not only with pumping rooms, but also hospital grade pumps. Legally, your work place has to provide with you a place and allow you time to pump, but the frills made it more tolerable. My best friend told me she pumped in spare offices and, occasionally, a bathroom stall.

    It is going to be hard trying to keep to a 9-5 work schedule while pumping three times a day. And the pump parts!! I hate them. My friend recommended I bring three sets of pump parts so I don’t have to wash the parts at work but then I spent 30 straight minutes washing the parts when I got home. I am thinking it might be a better idea to throw one set of parts in the fridge in between pump sessions. But I am open to other suggestions!

    And finally Goal 3 – that was the easiest. I literally got no work done today but nothing in this world could keep me from catching the 5:36pm train to see my baby. She was exhausted from a full day of activities, but she smiled when she saw me and I melted.

    First Day at Daycare Activity List

    Looks like fun, actually.

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  1. Deirdre says:

    I love that the Day Care gives you an idea of what April did all day. That’s a nice idea.

  2. Noa says:

    I like to think so.

  3. toral says:

    Aw, April is lucky to have such a wonderful mommy!

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