Cribsters Cooks! Easy Lentil Tacos

A go-to meal in our Cribs, lentil tacos are totally delicious and satisfy those nagging Mexican food cravings. Lentils are low in calories and high in nutrition – a great source of protein and a facilitator of excellent digestive health. And they are cheap! The best part is, the taco filling can be cooked in advance and quickly heated in a skillet throughout the week. So cook up a batch of these lentil tacos and enjoy!

Lentil Tacos

Prep Time: 10 min; Cook Time: 35 min
Serves: 6

1 pound bag dried green lentils
5 Cups of Water

1 Large Green Pepper

1 Large Yellow Onion

1 Tbsp Olive Oil

1 Packet of Taco Seasoning

12 Taco Shells
Fillings to Suit Taste:

Shredded Lettuce

Diced Tomatoes

Diced Onion

Sour Cream

Shredded Cheese

Rinse lentils under cool water in a colander, picking out any shriveled lentils or rocks. Transfer the lentils to a saucepan with the 5 cups of water, and bring to a boil. Turn heat down on stove and simmer for 20-30 minutes until lentils are tender. While lentils are cooking, dice green pepper and yellow onion. Heat 1tbsp of olive oil in a large skillet over medium heat and add diced veggies. Sautee for approximately 5 minutes until veggies are firm but tender. Set aside skillet from heat. Prepare your desired fillings so they are ready to go. Once lentils are tender, pour them into a colander to remove the excess water. Then transfer the lentils into the skillet with the pepper and onion. Sprinkle a packet of taco seasoning over the lentils and veg mixture, adding a half a cup of water, and then mix. Sautee the mixture until seasoning is well combined and the water has been fully absorbed (approx 3-5 minutes). Season to taste. Assemble your tacos with whatever desired fillings you have, and enjoy!

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