Immunization Schedule Cheat Sheet for Children

Making sure that your child is protected from the serious illnesses out there is a top priority for most parents. But there are so many important vaccines to get that it can be easy to miss one (or more). Read on for a summary on all of the immunizations that your child should get and a one page immunization schedule cheat sheet that outlines when each vaccine should be given from birth through six years old.

It’s All About The First Six Years

Cribsters Health LogoThere are 14 major diseases which your child should be vaccinated against by the time they are six years old. These include protection from some really nasty life-threatening diseases like polio, measles, both types of hepatitis and more. There are a lot on this list, but all of them are absolutely critical. In order to help you keep track of all of the vaccines your baby will need, the Center for Disease Control has created a cheat sheet to help you understand the different vaccines and their timing.

There’s No One Stop Shop

Knowing which vaccinations to get is the first step towards protecting your child. Unfortunately, taking this list to your pediatrician isn’t going to be the only thing that you’ll need to do here. One of the immunizations needs to be administered immediately after your baby is born: the Hepatitis B vaccine. Most hospitals will take care of this by default, but make sure that you confirm on your own – don’t just assume that the hospital will take care of it.

You should already have a pediatrician picked out before you give birth, but you may not be meeting this doctor until after your child comes home from the hospital. Make sure that you review the immunization list together the first time you meet and, more importantly, schedule appointments ahead of time to ensure that your child receives all of the necessary vaccinations (doctor’s offices can get booked quickly). Missing a vaccination not only puts your child at risk, it can also delay your child’s entry into a daycare or preschool center since most facilities require children under their care to be immunized. Like most things in life, a little planning is all it takes to avoid an undesirable situation.

Immunization Cheat Sheet Checklist

Click on the image below to download the immunization schedule cheat sheet, which lists all of the immunizations your child will need from birth to six years old. This checklist was created by the Center for Disease Control and had been approved by the American Academy of Family Physicians and the American Academy of Pediatrics.
The Cribsters Immunization Schedule

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