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We thought it would be helpful to create a resource page full of some of the most useful, fun, interesting and unique products that we’re using at Cribsters . We’ll add to it as we find more things to recommend, so check back often.

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To Daycare or Not To Daycare? – For most working parents, one of the most important decisions they’ll ever make is who to trust to take care of their precious children while they work. Should they trust their children in the hands of one nanny? Or would they prefer to find a daycare center where their little ones are surrounded by several carers and other children? Here’s a list of pros and cons to consider in order to make your child care decision a bit easier. 12 Things To Consider When Choosing Daycare – Not all daycare centers are the same. Some offer part time care while others adhere to strict full time schedules; some offer meals and snacks for the kids while others require parents to pack a lunch. What is important for one family may not be important for another. Here’s a list of questions you will want to consider in order to choose the best child care program for your family. Preparing Your Child (And Yourself) For Child Care – Now that Cribsters has helped you find a child care program that fulfills your requirements, it’s important to prepare yourself and your child for the transition into a new child care setting. Whether your child is starting care with a child care provider for the first time, or a daycare veteran starting in a new program, here are some simple steps for an easy transition for both parents and child.

Save Money

piggy bank save iconClaiming the Child Care and Child Tax Credits – We’ve made sense of the different tax implications for your child and their child care expenses. This is a great start towards understanding all of the different tax advantages that might be available to you. Click in and cash out! 529 College Savings Plans – Have you seen how fast these kids grow? Today it’s daycare, tomorrow it’s college. If you haven’t already started saving for your kid’s college education, read this article and get started! We’ve collected information on the basics of what a 529 plan is and how to make it work for you (and your cribster). 10 Tips for Teaching Good Saving Habits in Kids – When kids learn the importance of earning and saving money at a young age they’re much less prone to getting into bad financial situations later in life. These are some easy tips on how to get them started on a road to being filthy rich saving and spending wisely.

Eat Well

eat healthy5 Time-Saving Tips for Breast Pumping Moms – Returning to work after maternity leave is painful enough without the pumping. Even if you aren’t working outside of the home, exclusive pumping can be a full-time job. Here are some tips from our experts on how to make the most of your time at the pump. It can be at least 20 minutes for each pumping sessions so any time savings that you can include in your routine are sure to add up. Monday Night Dinspirations – Busy working parents are no different from anyone else when it comes to dinner. They want tasty, healthy and wholesome meals that are satisfying for the whole family – but they need to be able to prepare them fast! Cribsters will be taking some of the thought out of your dinner questions by featuring one of our favorite weeknight recipes each Monday in order to inspire your inner-chefs. Hopefully some of these recipes will enter into your dinner rotation!

Stay Healthy

Cribsters Health LogoCan Daycare Germs Improve Immunity? – In our look at germs and child care we find that kids in daycare do get sick more. We also found that there are advantages to early exposure to germs and illness. Read up on the health concerns associated with group child care. Immunization Schedule Cheat Sheet for Children – There are many important vaccines for your child to get and it can be easy to miss one. Click here for a summary of the immunizations that your child needs and a one page schedule outlining when they should be given from birth through six years old. Your Child’s Development: Monthly Baby Milestones – Check these milestones off your list and make sure that your child is developing on schedule. Read through our list of the biggest and most fun milestones of your child’s development, as well as some key developments that they should be hitting by certain points along the way.

Shop Smart

Cribsters Shop LogoBaby Bargains: Online Shopping, Baby Registries & More – Our shopping strategy guide is a must read for cost conscious moms. It focuses on frugality, without sacrificing quality, and features a two-pronged approach: Prenatal and Post-Partum. Spending Pitfalls to Avoid Before Baby Arrives – We’ve already shared our pre-natal and post-natal strategies on how to shop smart before baby arrives, but there are so many other factors to consider when stocking up for your baby. Here are some of the specific spending pitfalls to avoid when it comes to your little expensive precious bundle.