• The Creative in the Next Room — Entertaining Kids Without the TV

    Posted on October 11, 2014 by Stephens Family Daycare in Crib Notes.

    A recent study found that in today’s world, people spend more time staring at a screen than they do gazing into the eyes of their loved ones. It’s also proven that boredom is fuel for growing creativity, and basic toys which stimulate imagination are far better for the development of your little one than attention-deficit tablets and televisions. So read on, do, for the best activities you can provide your children with, and give the goggle-box a night off.

    For budding Picassos

    Establish an ‘art studio’ in your little one’s room, and provide the materials necessary for creating their next masterpiece. Brightly colored paper, modelling clay, bright paints or even just stationery can all add to the fun. Always supply an artist’s smock. For inspiration, assign your child themed tasks: perhaps one week you can build a spaceship, the next you can work together on a scary Halloween mask. When you have the finished product, don’t forget to make a fuss of it. Hang it somewhere prominent in the house.

    For little patissieres

    Turn the kitchen into a bakery for the morning, and create some treats the entire family can enjoy. Make hot cross buns at Easter, bake mini birthday cupcakes, or just whip up some cookies to be scoffed at supper time with milk.

    For little architects

    Building is a tremendous form of creative play, but there’s more to it than piling up wooden blocks. Whether it’s a medieval castle made of sand at the beach, a fort engineered from freshly laundered sheets and the dining room table or a long-term project like a giant 3D model of the Taj Mahal made from toothpicks, for some reason, kids love to cordon off their own, small spaces in the world.
    Children have so much imagination; perhaps one of the best incentives to turn off the television is to watch it blossom. As you allow your living room to be turned into the flight deck of a Boeing 747 or observe them curled up, enchanted, by a classic novel, you might be disinclined to ever turn it back on.

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