• Keep The Peace (And Quiet) This Holiday Season With Duracell

    Posted on November 20, 2014 by Stephens Family Daycare in Crib Notes, Products.

    I participated in a sponsored campaign on behalf of SheSpeaks for Duracell. I received samples to facilitate my review. All opinions are my own.

    When my daughter was first born, the only surefire way to get her to fall asleep was to put her in her swing. She could literally nap for hours in that peace-keeping, angel of a toy. I would use this hands-free time to get stuff done – emails, laundry, a luxurious bathroom break – and even though it was quiet, I lived in constant fear that one day, when I least expected it, the swing batteries would run out. What would I do if the batteries ran out, I thought to myself. Panic? Most definitely. Cry? Probably, at least a little bit. Curl up in the fetal position? That usually goes along with panicking and crying so yes, it was possible. It became clear that I needed a backup plan. And that backup plan, quite simply, was more batteries. Duracell batteries, to be specific, because they are long-lasting and I trust them to not fail me when I need them most, like in the middle of a tired baby meltdown.

    baby swing duracell

    “You have 5 seconds to get this thing moving again before I lose my mind.”

    You really have no idea just how much you need batteries until you become a parent or are stuck in a black out – although, let’s face it, the panic and pandemonium that ensue are pretty similar in both situations. EVERYTHING needs batteries. From the talking remote control that kept my infant daughter occupied during long car rides to the walker that propped her up when she grew into a fast-moving toddler.

    Duracell Walker

    When I welcomed my second child, a boy, we needed that wondrous swing again to work its magic, so we pulled it out of the attic. And guess what? The batteries were still working after three months of frequent use and over a year of storage. I am not kidding you. That, my friends, is the power of Duracell. Now, with two little children running around, the amount of batteries I need has multiplied exponentially. Batteries for the noise machine for him, batteries for the talking playhouse for her, batteries, batteries, batteries!

    I can tell you what most parents probably want for the holidays (a nap and a bottle of wine), and I can also definitely tell you what they DON’T want, and that is to run out of batteries. Think of all the sleep props and toys that need batteries and make sure to give your favorite parent the gift of peace and quiet with a 16 pack of Duracell batteries from Walmart this holiday season.

    duracell power the holidays

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Michelle says:

    Getting batteries ahead of time is key!! I also just love when Santa brings toys that do not require batteries because if he does, that toy is going to go missing as soon as it runs out of batteries. Funny how that happens.

  2. melissajane01 says:

    Oh, my swing was a lifesaver and also the vibrating papasan seat. Cute pictures!

  3. It was the bouncy seat that played music and vibrated that always worked for my boys. Thank goodness for it. It saved my sanity many times!

  4. Nicci says:

    We chug through batteries for our swing too. Our kids love it.

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