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Love this daycare
By Elizabeth on June 27 2018
Our son has been with Maridon and her daughter since he was 4 months old. He is now 2 1/2 years, and as he is transitioning to pre-k, we know we are going to miss Maridon very much. This daycare has been extremely welcoming and supportive to our family. It is a second home for our son, who has benefitted greatly from the mixed-age socialization. Maridon has been there for all of our son's milestones and was instrumental to his recent potty-training. She has been reassuring and knowledgeable since the very beginning. We are so grateful that we found her. We know that when our son is with her he is clean, well-fed, rested, learning, engaged, and well-loved.

By Melissa Chicoine on May 31 2018
I was an employee at Miss Donna's Daycare & I would never recommend this facility to anyone..Beware, Ms. Baril puts on a pretty good facade!!!

Teacher Assistant
By Melissa Chicoine on May 16 2018
I was an employee of Miss Donna's for a short time & I would never recommend this daycare to anyone. Donna puts up a pretty good facade!

By Melissa Chicoine on May 15 2018
I was an employee at Miss Donna's Daycare for a short time & I was reminded as to how grateful I was that I never enrolled my children into daycare. I'm sure there are worse places however I'm certain that not all things are up to code. Beware, Donna Baril puts on a pretty good facade!

Education at it's BEST
By Lisa Williams on May 15 2018
Nothing but wonderful things to say about Show Me Love Learning Academy! All of our children LOVE it here. We both love being a part of such a wonderful School! I can not wait to enroll my fourth baby, we love Mrs. Brenda

Crawford family day care review
By Kate on May 11 2018
Crawford family day care is great for all parents who need a trustworthy environment for their kids. As a parent i am thrilled with how my daughter is learning and developing from attending. Also, it is very clean and they do a lot of activities for the kids and most important is that my child loves this place and she loves Stacy. Stacy is wonderful and very dedicated. I am very grateful to you for taking such attentive excellent care of our daughter.

By Maria on May 06 2018
was nine months old and I was in this day care and I spend time there till I was three I loved the place and the kids there and I loved Titi to my name is Thoria you probably don’t remember me you were really polite to me and I had a Great time I remember one person there asan I think and I’ve grew up so much and Titi I still remember u and talk about you all the time u will always be in my heart ?????????

Quality Child Care
By MICHELLE on April 16 2018
I am very happy with this day care provider. My child has been here over a year. My child is well taken care of and is always clean when I pick her up. Nutritious meals are provided. Breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner (if the kids are there during that time). The home is very organized and always clean. The home is very spacious and open and there is plenty of room for the children to move around safely and be seen. There is a huge secure play area (gated) outside for the children. My daughter has a lot of fun here. My child attends Monday through Friday (full time). This is very comforting for me as a working parent knowing that my child is safe and taken well care of. The day care provider truly cares about all the children. I was new to the area when I first enrolled my 4 year old daughter and I feel very fortunate to have found a quality day care for my child in a nurturing and caring environment.

Baby Stars Music
By Larry Klass on April 13 2018
Baby Stars just added a music program where the children learn how to really play instruments. They have a blast and have fun learning.

Little Hands Daycare
By Phyllis Hill on April 09 2018
Thank You Holly for your input. Mary is a sweet little girl. I hope things go well for both of you.We have fun, peace and healthy foods here.

Incorrect telephone number
By W. Bigler on March 30 2017
The telephone number for this business is incorrect. I have had this number for 4 years. DO NOT CALL THIS NUMBER! I AM TIRED OF THE CONSTANT INTERRUPTIONS1

Manorama Chappa
By Debbie Hines on March 30 2017
Manorama treats the children as her own. She welcomes them everyday with a smile and my child has a very easy transition. My 3rd child goes to her and I wish all of mine has. I have had the fewest teary goodbyes with my 3rd than with my other 2 who went to centers. My son knows he is loved there. My son is currently about 2.5 years old and is so much more linguistically advanced than my other 2 at this time. He comes home singing full nursery rhymes, most of the alphabet and knows most of his numbers from 1-20. She has a very well run facility that I feel meets all the needs of children.

Concerned parent!
By Denise on March 28 2017
Took a tour of this day care. The best thing I can say about it is well.... NOTHING. The place looks worn down & not properly maintained. The workers smelled of marijuana smoke when they greeted me at the door. As soon as I was in and took a look around, the girl who had answered the door was off in another room playing on her cell phone. I have since spoken to other parents and the owner is a mess too. She's married to a convicted felon who is in prison currently. If this young lady doesn't have enough sense to stay away from a criminal and she's watching your children, what kind of care are your kids really getting?? So needless to say, I passed on this daycare and found a more suitable one for my two babies!

Parents Should Know
By Tonya Crenshaw on March 26 2017
How do you not notice a child missing for 2 (TWO) freaking HOURS!!!! There are protocols to keep this from happening!!All parties present should no longer have their jobs!! Then they didn't notify the other parents of the incident for a WEEK!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!?! The public is entitled to know the condition of the child.Then they kicked children out who's parents were asking questions about what happened. THIS IS WRONG!!ONE MORE REASON I AM GLAD I PULLED MY CHILDREN FROM KINDERHOUSE!

Stay away
By Concerned Citizen on March 21 2017
Do not spend your money here. Worst experience ever. Irreponsible, lazy, liar, and blames everybody else for her lack of performance. Her son takes her phone and car leaving her unable to pick your kids up amd will lie and say she has car problems. She will loe on your parenting and try to get others to go after you via GA CPS. STAY AWAY. SAVE YOURSELF THE DRAMA

DO NOT send your child here
By Jonathan Swann on March 16 2017
Due to our original sitter needing to retire due to health reasons we made the decision (had no choice) to place our 5 month old in Daycare. After an exhausting search we settled on ABC Early Learning Academy in Stockbridge due to the initial visit and the fact that they had cameras and the place seemed clean... My girlfriend was already experiencing severe anxiety due to having to leave our child with strangers but nonetheless we took a chance on this facility... 2 days into her time here our baby contracted a stomach virus (along with a scratch on her forehead) and this is where the story goes sideways.. I understand children get sick BUT the daycare did NOT notify either of us by phone of our daughters sickness during the day NOR did they bother to explain much when she was picked up. They only handed her an incident slip with nothing more or less... Our daughter spent all night in Urgent Care miserable and the next day when my girlfriend visited the facility to speak to the Director there was LITTLE to NO responsibility taken or accountability. Our child has been removed from this facility and I advise other parents to take heed and do NOT leave your child in the care of these individuals... my mother and sister are teachers and childcare can be a taxing job but someone else's child is in your care and that is a BIG DEAL... Your Facebook and IG post can wait until you get home or your lunch... not while my child is sitting in a pamper with diarrhea and urine for an extended period of time resulting in a rather nasty diaper rash... I digress now... Sincerely,A very relieved parent that no longer has a child at ABC Non-Learning Academy..

Disgusted Mother
By Jayc Alvarez on March 10 2017
Alyssa the assistant director permanently banned my son from the daycare for fighting with his older brother who is 7 years old on top of that part their Director tried to tell me that it was against licensing policy for her staff to help my handicap friend carry friend carry my son who is 9 MONTHS old to the car then a day later called me and said that they called corporate and they would be able to assist sometimes then that same day of kicking my son out from the daycare she said that my 9 month old baby doesn't seem to like WHITE WHITE PEOPLE ARE YOU KIDDING ME

Worst Home Daycare Ever
By Val on March 10 2017
Worst day care ever. Michelle, the provider should not be in daycare business. She does not love kids and should not be taking care of children if you don't do a good job at watching children. My child had bruises across his face coming out if her home and she doesn't know why. Frequently she goes out to get her mail or take the garbage outside when children in her care are inside. Worst experience ever!!!

Unprofessional and child abusers
By Brittany on March 10 2017
If there was an option to give this "day care" no stars I would. Most of the staff are just out of high school, no education or barely any experience. The staff members children go to the school or are in the same classroom as their child so they are too busy worrying about their child's well being, taking pictures and posting them on social media rather then doing their job. I picked my child up several times to see teachers standing around on their phones letting the children entertain themselves. I had an issue with a staff member getting physical with my child. When I brought up the issue to the director, it was swept under the rug and was told that the incident didn't happen and the teachers have nothing but the children's best interest in mind. This was something that I have personally witnessed myself.. but if they have the children's best interest in mind, why would you keep a teacher around that grabs and pushes the children. As for the owner Karen (who has no children) doesn't give a crap. As long as the money comes in, she doesn't care. I agree with the other review, she has no backbone. She's a slimy snake who doesn't care about the welfare of the children at her daycares.

By Kate on March 10 2017
My children love the Malone family daycare. I have a daughter and a son that are both treated with respect each day. Excellent communication between parents and provider. Clean and safe environment. I would highly reccommend for any age!

By Kate on March 10 2017
My children love the Malone family daycare. I have a daughter and a son that are both treated with respect each day. Excellent communication between parents and provider. Clean and safe environment. I would highly reccommend for any age!

By Jackie on March 08 2017
My 5 year old granddaughter went to Bundle of Joy Centerville for over a year. We recently had to remove her due to an incident that happened to her while at Bundle of Joy. She was kissed on the mouth by a little boy in her school and also asked to pull her pants down for him to kiss her there as well. Obviously concerned, we went to the school the next morning after learning of this assault, we were told by Kelly that this "is very common and happens all the time", basically, not a big deal. Common sense would say otherwise, however, we went the extra step and contacted her pediatrician who told us that is NOT common for that age group. I also read extensively online about this subject for this age group and again, NOT NORMAL. Frustrated that Kelly refused to even take this seriously, we thought removing her was the best thing to do. Astonishingly my daughter received a call from CPS this morning stating that Kelly filed a report that my granddaughter had previously been molested and an investigation needed to take place. WHAT??!! Once explained to the CPS worker what actually happened, the case was closed. I later went to pick up all of my granddaughters belongings at Bundle of Joy, and was met at the outside door by Kelly, who proceeded to tell me that she had no idea what I was talking about with regards to CPS, even though CPS gave her name as the one that called them, and handed me our belongings and then shut the door in my face and locked it. She apparently not only condones this type of behavior but also lies. So, I suppose the moral of the story is, according to Kelly, it is common to have your daughters/granddaughters be asked to pull their pants down and be kissed down there by little boys at Bundle of big deal.

Excellent daycare
By Denise Cutler on March 07 2017
I've had my son in this daycare for a couple years, the above review has me wondering if this is a malicious attack on the daycare provider. Alison is attentive and caring, her house is not a mess and I've never had any issues with her 2 tiny dogs.Alison and her family are welcoming and try to work with your schedule. The other review just doesn't sound like it came from any of the parents that I have met thru this daycare, seems suspicious.

By Rachael Morrell on Fedruary 28 2017
The new director is the height of incompetence. She will say whatever you want to hear. She continually contradicts prior statements she has made. Constantly blames any concerns or shortcomings the facility has on the prior director. She says whatever she thinks parents want to hear. Good leaders don't blame the prior director who isn't even there to defend herself. We utilized Little Angels under both the prior director and the new director, Kacie. The new director doesn't hold a candle to the old director. The new director says she is using a curriculum, but after 6 weeks my son had zero "product" just some coloring book pages. The door code is 5678* and hasn't been changed in over three years, but they are a "secure" facility. This is an issue because over 7 staff members that I am aware of have came and went. Some were even fired, still no code change. The owners of the facility want to charge 210/week for infants, 185/week for 2-year-olds, and 160 for three-year-olds, but only want to pay their staff minimum wage resulting in constant staff turnover, and employee apathy. While some staff members are great, they are the rarity (I loved Kendra, Jennifer, Carla, and Sandy). Unfortunately, to keep the profit high the employees only work part-time (They have to save on benefits, to heck with consistency being good for kids). If you want to just drop your child off and pick them up, and you are not concerned with social interactions, consistency, learning, staff ability, honesty, or even the staff not being rude to you, then send your child here. I would not recommend it to my worst enemy. Beware.

Read reports on this day care
By Theresa Ogden on Fedruary 25 2017
Please beware before using this daycare. Do your research copy this link see the reports for your self have been several reports that she doesn't spend enough time in the center and it has been reported that she has dragged a child by his arm cause he wasn't in the approved area of the home.

By ChildAdvocate on Fedruary 22 2017
Warning!! If you care about the well being of your child do not send them here. They are currently under investigation for child negligence ad abuse. A 2 year was left in the care of the owners husband and was sexually assaulted. DO NOT send your kids here!!

By Kristine on Fedruary 17 2017
Ms Tricia has been watching my kids since my youngest was 6 mknthes old. My kids are now 6 and 5. We cannot say enough good things about her. She gives very structured and personal care to all the kids. She is good at keeping open lines of communication with parents. Daycare is one of the scariest decisions I've had to make as a parent and I'm thankful each day for the great choice we made. I feel like she is the best fit for my kids when we can't be there. My kids are happy and relaxed at her home. It's like their second home! Kids are always busy with crafts and games and outside games when it's nice.I have a daughter with allergies and she is always on the ball and so cautious! Anyone that has her for a childcare provider is very fortunate. We love her and so do the kids!

Stolen Security Deposit
By VA Parent on Fedruary 06 2017
After putting down a $150 waitlist fee and a $300 security deposit, we were lucky to find another daycare center that was closer to our work than Great Beginnings Early Learning Center in Alexandria. We informed GBELC that we wouldn't be using our spot with two weeks notice, but they refused to return our security deposit. The ladies who work with the kids seem nice, but don't trust their business manager and his cut-throat business practices!

Awesome 5
By Courtney Mendez on Fedruary 03 2017
Great daycare. Linda cares about each and every child. My son loves it there. She has reasonable rates. She is super clean. My son is well taken care of there. Can not say enough great things about her, my son has learned so much!!

God forgive them!
By bj on January 23 2017
Just two incidents I want to tell.1. He was 3 yr old, They went outside of daycare for a Haloween parade (they didn't ask permission is one thing to take them on the road!) Later we discovered on their facebook page, they posted a picture where all the child in costume, only my son was not. He was not able to wear a dress without help. Only he put on the hat of the dress by himself.2. We are Asian-Indian. Skin color brown. In summer they used to take them out for playing in the sunlight. They apply sunscreen to every child exceptmy son. He has got a white patch on his cheek. The doctor told to apply Sunscreen when on Sun. We requested 4 times, they didn't care. My son was there from around 2 yr to 4 yr of age. Initially, he didn't cry because he didn't understand discrimination. But around age 4, when he realized he is getting different behavior than other kids, he started crying. After a month of the sunscreen case, we realized they have a serious problem with my child. He was severely depressed for at least 6 months, even after moving to another day-care. Now he is doing OK.