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Singing Lessons

Grow Your Bond With Singing Lessons

It’s a new year. I’m sure you’ve already made your resolutions, but I’m just going to make a suggestion: make a resolution to try something completely new this year. Find an activity you can all enjoy as a family. I’m going to suggest you all take up singing lessons. Your first thought is probably “Ugh, […]

Cribsters on Good Morning America!

A while back, Cribsters’ blogger, Darcy, wrote a blog admitting that when she was expecting her second child, she wondered whether she would love her him as much as her first child. (The answer was a resounding YES!) The blog got picked up on the Huffington Post, and this morning, Darcy and the blog were […]

A Kinder, Gentler Elf on the Shelf

Today the Elf on the Shelf arrived at our house. And no, he did not land on a shelf. He surreptitiously landed on our knife block, which might symbolize my feelings about this merry visitor. That’s right – the creepy, silly, annoying, overpriced plastic Christmas chap, who has the power to send shivers of fear […]


The Last Time

My aunt just sent me a poem she came across on the Internet. In light of my last blog post in which I discussed how I have frequent nighttime visitors in the form of my two children, she thought I would appreciate the sentiment. Not only did I appreciate it, I must admit I cried! […]