• The Anti Vaccine Argument

    Posted on February 17, 2015 by John in Crib Notes.

    When I hear about parents choosing not to vaccinate their kids, I get mad. How could people be so ignorant as to risk their children’s health, and potentially the health of other kids around them? Polio, Measles, Diptheria and other nasty diseases are life-threatening, but now more and more people are choosing not to protect their kids from them. How did we get here?

    Jenny McCarthy Is Not a Scientist

    Jenny McCarthy became the voice of the anti-vaccine movement when her son was born with autism. When bad things happen, it’s human nature to look for someone or something to blame. She chose to blame it on the vaccines that her son had received, and the increased number of vaccines that children are given in this country when compared to other countries in the world. And then she took her message to the airwaves, doing numerous television talk shows and explaining how the “toxic chemicals” in the vaccines were what caused her son’s autism.

    Vaccine Meme

    If that means they love the dog less, I don’t think he’ll mind

    Of course, the scientists who haven’t gotten famous by posing in Playboy have a different opinion. There have been multiple studies done over decades which try to uncover some relation between vaccines and autism. A number of them are described and outlined on the CDC website, and all of them failed to find any statistical link between the two. In fact, the original study that fueled the anti-vaccine position has since been discredited, and the doctor that published it was stripped of his license by the British medical authorities. The ongoing argument posed by anti-vaxxers has fueled studies and research which has only supported the case for vaccinating all children in all cases.

    Making Jenny Look Like a Genius

    If Jenny has any regrets about becoming the face of the anti-vaccine movement, she may find some relief soon. There are a few politicians who have come out arguing against mandatory vaccines for children. I think we’d all agree that the freedoms and liberties in this country are what make it great, but should that extend to parents being able to choose to vaccinate their kids or not? When an increasing number of idiots are on TV touting discredited studies in an attempt to convince parents not to protect their children, and when there are outbreaks of measles in DisneyLand, I think it’s time to stop letting the uninformed make potentially life-threatening choices.

    Even though this should be a be a non-issue at this point, people continue to speak out against vaccines. Let us know what you think about vaccines and the people that oppose them by leaving your comments below.

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