Blog Roll

The internet can be a crazy place, but these websites and blogs have helped us make sense of it all. Don’t hesitate to check them out. We doubt you’ll find anything quite as amazing as Cribsters (wink), but you never know!

LOD What!?!

Coolest dad blog site going.

Life of Dad is a great site for Dad’s to share their experiences with fatherhood or just veg out and watch some funny videos. There are some great bloggers there, but check out Patrick Quinn’s stuff in particular, he’s crushing it. Life of Dad has the esteemed honor of being the first site to ever promote / link into Cribsters (with this article)! We won’t forget that when we’re yacht racing with Zuckerberg one day!

weeSpring Logo


weeSpring is a site that was started by a friend and it’s already so successful that we’re intimidated by it. Noa shared her blogging talents on the wee here, so maybe we’ve made a contribution to their success? weeSpring is a social shopping platform for new and expecting parents, which has reviews on just about all of the popular baby products under the sun. You in the market for some new kit? Head on over and check out some reviews.