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How Cribsters Was Conceived !

We moved out of the city because we wanted to have children and we knew that getting our unborn child into a daycare center in the city could be tantamount to getting her into an Ivy League University. What we didn’t know was just how hard it would be to find a child care provider, no matter where we lived, and when we did find a provider, how would we know if they were any good? We were only trusting that daycare with the most precious person in our lives.

We started our daycare search in July 2012, just a few months before we welcomed our own little Cribster. It took a few weeks of searching the web for local daycare providers before we realized we had no idea how we were going to find one for our baby. We could find some providers on the web, but had to research each one individually in order to understand which of them accepted infants or how far the child care providers were from our house. Most importantly, we wanted to know what other parents thought of these child care facilities. But how could we reach these other parents to get their child care reviews? And thus, Cribsters was born.

It took a few months but, in the end, we found a child care provider for our baby girl based on a referral from a local friend who was having a baby at the same time. A referral from someone just like you!


Co-Founder Noa and The Bean

Two cuties!

Noa works in marketing and is a self-proclaimed daycare guru. She and her husband (that ‘John’ guy mentioned below) welcomed their little Cribster on New Year’s Day 2013. Since then, Noa has mastered the art of feeding her baby while talking on the phone and typing with one hand. Those one handed typing skills should come in handy since Noa is the voice of the Crib Notes blog. And yes folks, all of Noa’s blog posts on Cribsters will be typed with one hand.

When not writing captivating blog entries, Noa will be handling marketing and promotion for Cribsters.com. If you’ve found this page and are reading this bio, it’s probably because she’s been successful with that. She also loves goody bags, and will surely try to incorporate some into her marketing strategy. Let’s just hope she’s actually able to part with them.


Guest Blogger Darcy

Darcy blogs with the best of them.

Darcy is a recovering attorney and mother of two energetic little boys. She has utilized both daycare centers and nannies in caring for her Cribsters. Darcy recently relocated overseas due to her husband’s job and has thus left the conventional office atmosphere of her previous employers behind.

She now utilizes ad hoc babysitting services while working on freelance and entrepreneurial projects. Darcy has a wealth of experiences as a working mom – juggling two kids between work, daycare and nannies, and now as a freelance writer who spends more time at home. She will be contributing stories, advice and discussion topics on all things work and parenting for Cribsters in order to help our readers navigate the changing child care landscape.

The Bean

Our Inspiration

This baby is hypnotized.

The Bean is the OG Cribster. She was the inspiration for the creation of this site and taking care of her continues to provide new challenges to her parents, which will be captured on our blog. The Bean is very happy to be enrolled at a daycare site that was recommended to us by a friend of a friend. She loves going to daycare where she spends time smiling at the other babies, watching puppet shows and filling up diapers.

In her spare time, the Bean enjoys rolling over, making hand cheese and eating Sophie the Giraffe. She will be contributing story ideas and modeling shots to Cribsters. The modeling shots are completely involuntary (see right). She is growing up very fast, but we will try to get as many embarrassing photos of her uploaded to the site before she’s old enough to object – and maybe even after she can.


Co-Founder John

You let this guy do the web development!?

Pat is a project manager and the techie behind Cribsters.com. Pat is new to the dad game, but you wouldn’t know it. After all, he’s managed to be a good father and start this website at the same time. He’s amazed at how fast both have grown up, and is glad that he only has to change diapers for one of his Cribsters.

When not “Cribster-ing”, Pat can be found cheering on the Knicks or crying for the Knicks, depending on the day. He lives in the suburbs of Philly and engages in competitive landscaping with his neighbors, unbeknownst to them. You’d think that would give him an advantage in such a competition, but victory continues to elude him. Pat handles web development and all of the technical geekery behind Cribsters.com, and may be convinced to contribute an infrequent blog post or two.

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