The Anti Vaccine Argument

When I hear about parents choosing not to vaccinate their kids, I get mad. How could people be so ignorant as to risk their children's health, and potentially the health of other kids around them? Polio, Measles, Diptheria and other nasty diseases are life-threatening, but now more and more people are choosing not to protect their kids from them. How did we get here? Jenny McCarthy Is Not a Scientist Jenny McCarthy became the voice of the anti-vaccine movement when her son was born with autism. When bad things happen, it's human nature to look for someone or something to blame. She chose to blame it on ...

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Cribsters on Good Morning America!

A while back, Cribsters' blogger, Darcy, wrote a blog admitting that when she was expecting her second child, she wondered whether she would love her him as much as her first child. (The answer was a resounding YES!) The blog got picked up on the Huffington Post, and this morning, Darcy and the blog were featured on Good Morning America. View the GMA segment here and let us know, did any of you also have these fears?

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A Kinder, Gentler Elf on the Shelf

Today the Elf on the Shelf arrived at our house. And no, he did not land on a shelf. He surreptitiously landed on our knife block, which might symbolize my feelings about this merry visitor. That’s right - the creepy, silly, annoying, overpriced plastic Christmas chap, who has the power to send shivers of fear and excitement in equal measure down children’s spines when they awake each morning to discover where the Elf has landed, has arrived for the season. And, according to the Elf's accompanying story, for the next 24 days he will be here to watch over their daily deeds (and misdeeds) so that he can return to ...

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Thank you bras for your unwavering support.

The Things I am Most Thankful For… As A Mother

Thanksgiving is a time of year for reflection on all of the things in our life for which we are grateful. Thus, in honor of my favorite holiday (stuffing, people, stuffing), I have compiled a list of the top 12 things I am most thankful for as a mother. Wine. At the end of a particularly long and stressful day, there you are, asking me to pour a glass and have a seat. The only thing that might be better than you during stressful times, would be an on-call masseuse (no joke, I have researched it). But for now, a cup of vino will have to do. Thank ...

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How To Get Your Kids To Sleep In Their Own Beds In Four Easy Steps

I woke up at six o'clock this morning, and my husband was not in my bed. I checked the bathroom, and he was not there. I glanced into the living room - not there either. He wasn't rummaging through the kitchen for an early morning snack. His running shoes were in our front hallway, so he had not gone out for an early morning run without disturbing me. Where was he??? Passing by my children's bedroom, I glanced in and saw him curled up in my four year old son's bed, sound asleep. So why is it that my husband would choose to sleep in a glorified twin bed with an Ikea mattress ...

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