7 pounds of pure sweetness. (FYI, Poppy weight 7 pounds 13 ounces at birth.)(The other 13 ounces were pure bobcat.)

To Three, or Not To Three

Alison Milam is a recovered corporate attorney who works as a retail and e-commerce consultant for exciting new companies in London. When she's not occupied with expertly parenting the two angels to whom she gave birth, she writes about how much yelling and wine is required to expertly parent those "angels" at her blog, What Were We Thinking?! Today Alison lets us into her brain (and her marriage) for a hot second while she ruminates over whether or not her family is ready and equipped to add a third child to their brood. How does anyone know if she is ready???  Raising children is like making biscuits: it is as easy ...

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This boat looks like it's about to sink.

Top 7 WORST Parenting Jobs

Summer is over, Labor Day came and went, and the kids are back at school. For a lot of us adults who have taken advantage of the long and lazy days of August - summer Fridays, bosses on vacation, clients on vacation, longer lunches and shorter working hours - it's back to reality. But for parents, summer didn't mean any time off from the annoying jobs that go hand in hand with parenting. There are a lot of wonderful, fulfilling and amazing things about parenting, but parenting is also a lot of really crappy work. Which has us thinking about our least favorite parenting "jobs." We've compiled our top 7 ...

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Listen, it's nothing personal. I just don't think we should play war together anymore. I've assembled a new army.

How To Deal With The Preschool Mean Kid OR... How I Hate A Five Year Old

I'm not proud to admit it, but I hate a five-year-old. And before you stop me with, "But he's five! Can you really hate a five-year-old?" Let me say, I'm quite serious, I can and I do. It all started last year when my older son enrolled at a nursery school that boasts a very open concept. I love it. I love the teachers, I love the classroom space, I love the multiple opportunities for free play and problem-solving that the freewheeling nature of the program allows the children to utilize. I seriously love my son's nursery school. (If you love yours - or if you don't, don't forget to leave ...

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I've Always Dreamed of Being a Father

It's been a little over three weeks since my husband and I welcomed our second child into the world, and so far we have survived. Survived is the key word here - thrived would be too strong and a total lie. During the day, taking care of a newborn is not nearly as exhausting as taking care of a toddler, so it helps that my daughter is in daycare. At night, well that is a whole different story, and this weekend was such a disaster that my husband skipped out the door to work on Monday. Work does sound like a vacation these days. Come to think of it, so ...

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Ugh, Mom, you are soooo embarrassing!

A Tell-Tale Sign Your Child Is Growing Up

About a month and a half ago, I sat on a bench in our neighborhood park with my then almost four-year-old son after preschool pick up one day. We were having a snack, and he was anxiously waiting to see if any of his friends would show up at the park, constantly eyeing the gate at the end of the green square and sizing up each child that entered. He paused from taking a sip of his juice as a young girl on a scooter pulled up to the gate and began to enter. He quickly abandoned his juice beside me and ran towards the gate. “LUCY! LUCY! LUCY!” he yelled ...

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