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    25 Cool Reading Games For Kids: The Ultimate List!

    Not too long ago I heard the saying, “Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.” This is not only true for adults, but for our children too. So much so, that reading has been shown boost kids’ IQ (yes, actually making them smarter). Check this out: A recent study confirmed that reading actually “increases levels of all […]

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    Rainy day idea: Playdough Color Sorting To Improve Fine Motor Skills

    Here’s a cool idea you can do with your preschool/kindergartener. Cut, roll, and sort your playdough colors. It might even help to sharpen your little one’s motor skills!

    Fun game, check it out here:

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  • How To Survive Flying With Young Children (aka Hell)

    Let me rephrase that – flying with toddlers is hell (my infant was just fine, therefore he should not be lumped into this category of terrible flyers). And not like the cartoon-y hell you see on TV, more like the 7th layer of Dante’s inferno kind of hell. My only solace on our flight home […]

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    Making The Most of Nap Time

    Naps are a great thing. Maybe even the best of things. In a stressful and unpredictable day of parenting young children, nap time represents an eye in the storm – a brief time where you can relax and bolster your defenses for the post-nap portion of your day. On a recent family trip I’m proud […]

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    Whose Well-Behaved Kids Are Those?

    This past month over school holidays, I experienced one of the most unbelievable revelations in my short career as a parent. While vacationing at a family hotel at a ski resort, I met a woman with two daughters around the same age my children. She came over to me during breakfast one morning and said […]

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After I moved, I had no idea where to start looking for child care. Cribsters had tons of listings in my area and reviews from other parents.