I've Always Dreamed of Being a Father

It's been a little over three weeks since my husband and I welcomed our second child into the world, and so far we have survived. Survived is the key word here - thrived would be too strong and a total lie. During the day, taking care of a newborn is not nearly as exhausting as taking care of a toddler, so it helps that my daughter is in daycare. At night, well that is a whole different story, and this weekend was such a disaster that my husband skipped out the door to work on Monday. Work does sound like a vacation these days. Come to think of it, so ...

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Ugh, Mom, you are soooo embarrassing!

A Tell-Tale Sign Your Child Is Growing Up

About a month and a half ago, I sat on a bench in our neighborhood park with my then almost four-year-old son after preschool pick up one day. We were having a snack, and he was anxiously waiting to see if any of his friends would show up at the park, constantly eyeing the gate at the end of the green square and sizing up each child that entered. He paused from taking a sip of his juice as a young girl on a scooter pulled up to the gate and began to enter. He quickly abandoned his juice beside me and ran towards the gate. “LUCY! LUCY! LUCY!” he yelled ...

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Potty Training Part II: 14 Tips and Tricks For Success

The Main Event - Let the Potty Training Commence! In Part I of our series on potty training, we discussed how to tell if your child is potty-ready, and how to reinforce bathroom habits before you begin to toilet train. You've been gearing up for months now, and your child is finally demonstrating all the signs that he is ready to go. So how can you make the process easier for your child - and yourself? Here are some simple tips and tricks to encourage your child to use the potty and minimize risk of accidents. 1. Practice Reinforcement: When your child is first starting out, you need to get him to connect the ...

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Potty Training Part I: Potty-Readiness

How To Tell When Your Child Is Ready To Potty Train Let’s face it, we’re all dummies when we start potty training our kids. And if you’ve landed on this page, you may be desperate for some expert advice on how you can get your kid to go in the bowl. So what makes me an expert, you ask? Well, I’ve potty trained one child with success, so clearly I now qualify as an expert. Come to think of it, I am also potty trained, so maybe I qualify as an expert twice over. In any event, I have combined my own experience with some seriously diligent Google research, and now I ...

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Quick, he's on to you! Eat them all at once!

Mother, Interrupted

My children are psychic. And by psychic, I mean that they have the uncanny ability to sense when something is going on that doesn't involve them, and a specific knack for interruption that is driven entirely by a fear of missing out (FOMO, for the uninitiated). It’s like my children are already teenagers that are constantly worried that an awesome party is going on somewhere that they haven’t heard about. As such, I have compiled a list of the top ten things children can sense intrinsically are going on without them that they simply must interrupt. Eating Candy: I have a ridiculous sweet tooth, and like the vast majority of children, ...

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